It won’t fill your health bar, but it’s often enough to bring Kratos back from the brink of death when you might be about to lose a fight. If you remember Happy Hob beating Dark Souls, you’ll know that a good outlook is critical to success. Hitting an enemy in the head will usually stun it briefly, and with bosses like trolls, you can actually interrupt big attacks before you have to try to dodge them. Listen here, boy. There are a ton of these to find, and they come in two varieties: light and heavy. The new God of War is a harder, more complicated God of War.It’s influenced by a few more modern formulas, both in story and in combat — and that means God of War tips are going to be more complicated than just “mash harder.”. You get back mist timer for every chest you open, but you’re still sometimes better off just running through an area — there’s no point having thousands of mist echoes available if you die before you can bank it. Still, once you’ve found your preferred options, upgrade them as soon as you can. In God of War (2018), Nornir Chests are a type of collectible that are tracked in all the regions you can explore. We've remembered about trophy guide, all favors, treasure maps localization and labours. Heracles was blessed with unnatural strength from birth. 4. There are some perks and talismans that can give you health in a pinch, and you can get some back by deploying Spartan Rage, but generally, avoiding damage is your biggest focus in a fight. Your bread-and-butter attacks in God of War are basic swipes and chops with the Leviathan Axe when you hit either R1 or R2. This fire troll is the first boss enemy that you’ll face off against in God of War and it’s a great introductory fight to how boss fights will work in the game. Hey do you see this golem? Kratos has some situational awareness, even though it’s tough to see enemies behind you due to God of War‘s closer camera angle. Brother fight God of War™!/en-in/tid=CUSA07410_00 For instance, you might want a heavy runic attack that does area damage, so you can hit lots of enemies at once, and a light runic attack that’s good at long range, so you can hit one enemy really hard from a safe distance. Some enemies can forcibly break target locking and the the target locking itself is inconsistent. Each piece of armor and enchantment has an armor level, and you receive an overall level based on your aggregate gear rating. Going in with a clear mind is more important than you might think. So keep a healthy attitude! It’s less about overwhelming force and more about maintaining control. You’ll add abilities like doing leaping attacks after sprinting or hitting multiple enemies with an ax throw, and there really are so many moves that it can be easy to forget about them. While optimizing your specs for your play-style is important, building your armor level is the single best thing you can do to make the game easier. Arrows can cause enemies to go after Atreus instead of you, which is really useful against huge bosses or in crowds. You’ll want to experiment constantly to find moves that link fluidly so that you can pummel enemies into submission, and manage bad guys so they don’t surround you. Some Talismans, a type of armor, can also impart a special move, usually some kind of healing or support skill. The last element of combat you have from the start is Atreus. Kratos fulfilled his promise to Athena to make the Olympian Gods pay for what they did to his brother in God of War III and killed every one of them. Battles you’ll struggle to win. Regardless, spend your XP liberally. God of War employs a Destiny style “gear level” system that rates and balances your abilities versus those of your enemies. While you might be tempted to isolate and focus on taking down one enemy, controlling the group and keeping them from surrounding you should be your first priority. Even if you focus on CDN as your primary stat, you’ll find your Runic numbers are naturally way higher anyway. You'll see that The Stranger's health bar is split into five. We’re going to be straight up with you — attacking like normal is for chumps. Spartan Rage can give you a brief edge in hard battles, especially if use it at the right time. A lot of battles will take place in de facto arenas with lots of stuff around that you might be able to use — and you shouldn’t be shy about taking advantage. During these fights, the camera was usually zoomed out very far to show a sense of scale. The most important aspect of your armor, however, is the overall armor level (the big number in the diamond at the top of your Armor menu). You can overdo it though: Hitting triangle to call back the ax can be useful for hitting distant enemies both coming and going, but it also leaves you vulnerable. They can’t be stunned and grappled, most of them spend far too much time in the air and they all have different movesets you need to learn and deal with. If you don't have the right gear or if you go in the wrong direction, things get hard. Battles you'll struggle to win. As you explore the Nine Realms, you’ll come across runes you can plug into the Leviathan Axe that give you special, powerful moves. If you just block a yellow attack, though, Kratos will be staggered and you’ll be open to attack. God of War isn't supposed to be about endurance (repeating the same move 20 times) like it is in Dark Souls or enemies aren't supposed to be puzzles like in Zelda when the only real way to defeat an enemy is ''this way''. Our tips and tricks have been split into a few sections to better help you master God of War. Tossing the ax at enemies can stun them or freeze them, so it’s a handy move to have in your repertoire. Enemies often drop these when they die, and you can snag them to refresh your health by pressing Circle. Without the burden of troublesome story-telling, Dark Souls has managed to refine its combat systems into something near flawless. But with the right state of mind, and these advanced combat tips, you'll be on your way to tackling some of the toughest enemies in 'God of War'. It’s a glass cannon build — the idea being that things die fast enough that we don’t take any damage. Combos are still the essential, basic way of thinking about God of War combat. Later in the game, Atreus can shoot red and blue crystals to create explosions and blind enemies, respectively. This is full music track from the main battle with Zeus in God Of War III (PS3). SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains spoilers from God of War. As soon as you can get the stance-switch upgrades, you should. When it’s full, hit R3 and L3 together to activate Spartan Rage, which basically lets you Hulk out on enemies until the meter is empty. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tips on Give Me God of War Difficulty". Though at first glance, it might seem like the old style of God of War combat, where players string together long combos to wreck enemies, has been left behind, that’s actually not the case. You can equip different ones as you find them, and each of Kratos’ weapons can equip different attacks, which means you can tailor them to your preferred playstyle, and even the enemies you’re facing. Dauði Kaupmaðr isn’t the most difficult enemy to defeat, but like most trolls, throwing your axe isn’t going to do much good here. The new-and-improved God of War makes significant changes to the combat of the long-running franchise. One of the first God of War tips people will tell you is the combat is a lot slower, and more reactive. This was because these fights all had one big thing in common: Kratos was fighting a massive foe. Kratos might be trying to drop his “Ghost of Sparta” persona, but he still has some cool abilities from his time as the God of War. Atreus eventually gets his own runic attacks as well, called Runic Summons. In a fight situation when you’re desperate for health, focus on killing weaker enemies to see if they’ll drop health. They ramp up in effectiveness as you spend XP on them, and because of the way the game works you needn’t worry about not being able to unlock skills down the track because of ‘wasted’ XP. You can also use Atreus to add to your combos or augment your fighting ability. Enchantments and armor also sometimes come with “perks,” which are passive abilities that activate under certain circumstances. To defeat this boss you will want to get in close and personal, and deal damage with heavy and light attacks. A particularly showy one is with the Leviathan — R1 attack, pause, R2, R1, R2. By Leon Hurley 09 October 2020. If you have a talisman move, you can activate it by holding L1 and pressing Circle. Sometimes, you have to play defense. With your Runic Attacks upgraded, it’s simply a matter of target selection — focus on your meanest target, Runic attack them, hammer them with Atreus‘ arrows, pop the alternative attack and they should be stunned and waiting for a grapple attack. Runic Attacks don’t share a cooldown with the Leviathan, so you can effectively pop four runic attacks on an enemy if you need to. Look for opportunities to distract enemies you’re not ready to fight, so you can deal with the ones in front of you. You don’t just have to hammer the ax buttons to victory, in other words — God of War has a ton of room for tactical thinking in fights, so use everything around you. A heavy throw with the axe can also pin enemies to walls or freeze them so you don’t have to deal with them for a few seconds. When the ax is either put away or you’ve thrown it, you can punch enemies with your bare hands. At one point he opens his belly, hit him with your throwable axe! For instance, armor and enchantments that enhance your Strength stat are good if you’re a straight-up fighter who likes to wail on guys. 46. Similarly, a light throw to the legs will knock a lot of enemies down, briefly taking them out of the battle. Kratos can dodge sideways with a tap of the X button, which is usually effective for getting out of the way of any kind of attack if you time it correctly. Even when there aren’t obviously useful things around, the environment is still your friend. In all cases, you want to be thinking about how Atreus can add to your fighting ability. A perk might cause you to get health when you parry an attack, or increase your defense when you take big hit. The trick is to pay attention to what you’re purchasing, and consciously work your new moves into your fighting style. You can also spend your XP on upgrading your Runic attacks. Our guide for God of War (PS4) contains all necessary information that will help you complete the game in 100%. OST Download: Other OSTs: Perhaps the single biggest change in God of War? Good luck, and know that the Dad of War believes in you! 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God of War is a long game and you’ll fight plenty of bad guys to keep the experience flowing. The Valkyrie armour is a great source of cooldown with some Runic to boot — and you can upgrade them to a full allotment of sockets.
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