Go right onto the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail as this trail will take you all the way to Iceberg Lake. Go left on the second gravel road and walk a short distance down hill to where the trail begins again to the right and follow the trail back down towards Mountain View Drive where you began. There was only a few spots outside of people’s houses to park.

Back on the trail, you’ll cruise through this gentle section with ease, most of your big gains are over, weehoo! The hike to Iceberg Lake near Whistler takes you high into the alpine, following the scenic forested trail near 19 Mile Creek before arriving at a beautiful meadow in the foreground of Rainbow Glacier. Length 12.6 mi Elevation gain 4,032 ft Route type Loop View a map of Driving directions to Iceberg Lake. be sent by Email through the Contact Us The only other people we ran into on the trail were leaving quickly, as they had just spotted a grizzly 1km up on the trail. The trail then goes left and arrives at a sign for the Screaming Cat Lake Connector, which is used to access the Skywalk North Loop. The 19 Mile Creek Trail is scenic and climbs through a beautiful forest. Sign up to receive hiking updates, information You’ll cross a bridge and continue down to the bottom of Alpine Way in the community of Alpine. The start of the route to Iceberg Lake begins at the top of Mountain View Drive in Whistler. Note: Parts of this trail can be closed due to bear activity during the summer months. Muddy and covered in snow half the way to the top. Trail head is on the left behind the empty information kiosk, follow the Lower… Follow the trail to the right of the road as it goes up to another gravel logging road. I can’t believe we did what we did today! 5 Tips for Winter Hiking in Whistler If you fancy a break from skiing and snowboarding during your stay at Nita Lake Lodge, you might... Read More. Immediately after turning left and leaving the highway, turn right onto Parkwood Drive. Routes via the Skywalk North or South Trails can also be hiked to Iceberg Lake but are much longer and more difficult. As you enter the Whistler area, continue following the highway and pass the turn off to Whistler Village, continuing north on the Sea To Sky. In some parts, it reached our knees. I would definitely recommend microspikes/poles. about upcoming contests, and special offers. He and his friend found a solo hiker who had gone into one of the ice caves and part of it collapsed, breaking the guy’s ankle. Terrence Casey, 53, was crossing a ridge line above Iceberg Lake when he lost his footing and fell about 200 to 300 feet down the snow-covered mountainside shortly before 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 3. Screaming Cat and Iceberg Lake Loop is a 12.6 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. I recorded 16K from the Cul de Sac, to the lake and back. We headed up the Lower 19 Mile Creek trail and then up the Screaming Cat Connector to the Flank trail. It's stupid how cold it is on there. A bit muddy in sections but overall absolutely stunning - the trail runs along the creek and several waterfalls, to end in the alpine meadows with incredible views of the valley. The very last part is mostly climbing and scrambling through a rocky area, I found it a bit tough, but totally doable. There are a few different routes to reach Iceberg Lake but the route described here follows the 19 Mile Creek Trails directly to the lake and returns the same route. I suggest that you download the new Vancouver Trails app and follow the map with your GPS, confirming at each intersection the correct … Follow the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail as it continues ascending but at a much gentler pace, passing through lush west coast forest and over small creeks and marshy areas. It looks steeper than it is, but use caution as some of the rocks are a bit loose, following the cairns will keep you on the best route. Although we try to keep information as current as possible, www.vancouvertrails.com makes no warranty or representation as to the availability, quality, fitness for purpose, conditions or accuracy of the information provided with respect to this trail or trails. It is the perfect location for a number of Whistler alpine activities. **Amazing Day Hikes** Iceberg Lake, Whistler BC. The trail reaches a sign pointing to a viewpoint to the left, go left to see a view looking down towards Green Lake. We carried bear spray and made lots of noise. One of the … Located the just steps away from the iconic Olympic Plaza and some of Whistler’s best dining, the Summit offers travellers a comfortable-yet-unforgettable experience in the heart of Canada’s famous resort town. The Skywalk Trails are part of Whistler’s new alpine trail network on the northeast face of Rainbow Mountain. Hiked 14th October. Timed right, the wild flowers will be in bloom and several waterfalls can be seen from the melting snow and ice falling from the mountains above. After enjoying the scenery, return to the trail just above the lake, and follow it down the rocks, carefully watch your step while you enjoy the views looking down towards Whistler Village, across the meadow, and up toward the glacier behind you. The trail reaches a large boulder field where it ascends to Iceberg Lake. The first 4km are an extreme incline. Instead, go left and continue to follow the Lower 19 Mile Creek Route. I’ve hiked to Iceberg Lake twice before and each time it has left me in awe. Watch for trail markers and the worn path up the boulder field, carefully following the route and crossing a couple of small creeks during the early summer months. P.S. Iceberg Lake is a popular day-hike in Whistler. Never hike alone!! Definitely check out the ice cave at the base of the lake, so friggin cool! ... 2131 Lake Placid Road, Whistler, BC, Canada, VON 1B2. The views and the lake are totally worth it. The route is well defined as you move quickly downhill, eventually crossing the bridge over 19 Mile Creek, passing the junction with Kevin's Home Run Trail and continue down to the end of the Upper 19 Mile Creek section of the route. Hike along the trail, over a wooden bridge crossing 19 Mile Creek, and following an incredibly scenic route through the meadows. Iceberg Lake and the ascent through the meadows is stunningly picturesque. The trail continues its steep ascent until it reaches another junction. What a crazy, hard, spectacular, interesting day! Beautiful forest scenic hike with great views at the top. Then I got out the camera to get a few photos of this magical place.

A day trip exploring the trails on Whistler Mountain. You may unsubscribe at any time. This hike is pretty much straight uphill (977m/3205’) to Iceberg Lake, passing gorgeous waterfalls, giant Devil’s Club, mushrooms in every size and colour, and being bear aware the whole way. From Vancouver, drive to Highway #1 and enter the highway, heading westbound towards Horseshoe Bay. Length 8.5 mi Elevation gain 3,182 ft Route type Out & Back

It’s a great hike with a great view, and the parking restrictions may mean that it is less busy. No signs of bear activity in the path. One of the highlights of the Skywalk Trail is getting up close and personal with the Rainbow Glacier at Iceberg Lake. Go left at the junction with the Skyline South Trail and follow the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail back downhill. All three trails top out in the alpine near the frozen waters of Iceberg Lake. At a 4-way junction with a mountain biking trail, cross the mountain biking trail and continue straight. You’ll recognize Iceberg Lake, with its turquoise water and a glacier perched to one side, surrounded by waterfalls cascading down the mountain peaks. About 4km beyond the turnoff to the village, turn left onto Meadow Lane. Pass the junction with the Screaming Cat Lake Connector Trail and then follow the wide trail down the steep hill, making sure to go left at a marker and cross the 4-way intersection with the mountain biking trail. Iceberg Lake via 19 Mile Creek Trail is a 8.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Go left and continue until, yet again, the route comes to another junction. Didn’t see any bears. From the cul-de-sac at the top of Mountain View Drive, walk past the wooden sign board and immediately turn left at a trail sign for Lower 19 Mile Creek. The trail up to Iceberg Lake … Iceberg Lake via 19 Mile Creek Trail is a 8.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Along the way, you get views of Green Lake and pass by several waterfalls before emerging into a beautiful meadow. The hike to Garibaldi Lake is 9km one way and you will experience several … Follow the trail as it climbs uphill and reaches a gravel road. A short distance further, where the trail merges with a wide trail, go right and up the steep hill. The trail's most popular attraction is Iceberg Lake and the surrounding meadows that are ablaze with flowers July - September. Continue to the right as the trail begins to reach the alpine and opens up, offering an incredible view of the meadows in front of Rainbow Glacier. There was snow/ice starting about halfway up the trail. Completed Nov 8. Around 3 p.m. that afternoon, WSAR received a request for extrication from the BC Ambulance Service and the RCMP after a solo 25-year-old hiker was injured after falling while exploring ice caves near Iceberg Lake. Park along the outside edges of the cul-de-sac. As mentioned in my previous post, we hiked up to Iceberg Lake near Whistler last … Descend quickly through the lower section as you eventually reach the first gravel road, crossing to the other side, before a bit further, reaching the second gravel road. The only steeper bits are the first 2km and last 1.5km, other than that it’s a relatively gradual incline (pretty much a walk). Make sure to check the parking signs to avoid being ticketed or towed. April 24, 2019. However, with proper preparation, you’ll experience lots of what Whistler has to offer! Icebergs were melted in early September, yet still a beautiful hike to a beautiful lake This hike is not hard, but it is long. The trail makes its final ascent just above Iceberg Lake, where you can walk the short distance down to the edge of the lake or find a spot on the rocks above to soak in the views of the lake, glacier, and surrounding mountains. Cross this second road and walk up the steep bank on the other side into the forest. Despite the clouds and the voracious mosquitoes, Skywalk North was amazing and got me motivated… Hard to find parking. The hike up to Iceberg Lake follows 19 Mile Creek, which originates at Iceberg Lake. Iceberg Lake is only 100 m higher in elevation than Screaming Cat but the … The scenery along the way is amazing. Black Tusk. 3 Reviews of Iceberg Lake "What a gorgeous hike ! No parking near trailhead from 9 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday from November - March. Trail markings are easy to follow. All content, photos and gps data are © 2007 - 2020 VancouverTrails.com. Whistler Search and Rescue (WSAR) manager Brad Sills said there are plenty of teachable moments for those heading into the backcountry after the group retrieved an injured hiker on Sept. 30. Camping is not permitted at Iceberg Lake. I'm so excited about a hike I did earlier this week that I'm taking a short break from my Sri Lanka series to tell you about Whistler's Skywalk North (better known as one of the trails leading to Iceberg Lake). Not too many people all along the trail. gear, and other outdoor related updates. Did this trail yesterday (September 15, 2020). You will gain plenty of elevation along the Lower 19 Mile Creek section of the trail so make sure to pace yourself. We had to turn back around as the grizzly was staying around the trail - made it about 7km before turning around.

Two day totals: 37 kms and 2,680 m elevation gain over 13.5 hours, and at least 6 unique peaks (with 12 actual summits).”. Iceberg Lake. Next, let’s talk about an equally difficult hike: Black Tusk. After more than an hour of hiking, the trail passes a junction with the Skywalk South Trail. star star star star star. Whistler RCMP say the man’s body was found in the Iceberg Lake Trail area of Rainbow Mountain after having apparently fallen into a crevasse. The trail crosses several wooden bridges and follows close to 19 Mile Creek, offering a few views of small waterfalls as you hike towards the top. Beautiful, snowy hike/snowshoe up to Iceberg lake 25/10/20. form. After leaving the gravel road, the trail crosses a bridge and then begins to climb steeply. It looks beautiful. The hike to Iceberg Lake near Whistler takes you high into the alpine, following the scenic forested trail near 19 Mile Creek before arriving at a beautiful meadow in the foreground of Rainbow Glacier. A gorgeous blue glacial lake nestled right next to a glacier with a beautiful valley view. After hiking for just over 1km, you reach a junction with a trail called Kevin's Home Run Trail. Length: 28 … I Very nice views of moss, meadows, and waterfalls. Take a walk on the glacier snow and ice atop Whistler Mountain and take in the natural landscape sculpted by ice and volcanoes. The trailheads for the actual Skywalk North and South trails are located up in the meadows near Iceberg Lake on Rainbow Mountain. We called 911 while a few others carried him out to safety, and we waited until Search & Rescue was dispatched before starting the long trip down. There are actually three trails: Skywalk South, 19 Mile Creek, and Skywalk North that connect to make several loop trips possible. Only about ~4 inches all the way up until you hit the 5km mark. Completed on October 29th. It's important to immediately turn left and see this trail sign and not continue past it. Uphill most of the way, some portions are flat, great to catch your breath. Go left and walk up the gravel road for about 40m and watch for a sign on the right of the road. You can electronically Unsubscribe at any time. Mount Wilbur is south and Iceberg Peak is west of Iceberg Lake. You get to the Meadows and think you’re done, but no - there’s another last tough slog up the rocks to the lake which can’t be seen from the Meadows. ICEBERG LAKE: Hiking to a Beautiful Lake Below a GLACIER in Whistler! Garibaldi Provincial Park. Whistler’s Dog Parks and Beaches. Old Binty's and Rainbow-Sproatt-Flank Trail, Whistler, Harrison, Nahatlatch and Lilloet OHV Trails, White Knuckles, No Girlie Man, Shit Happens Loop, Shit Happens, Big Kahuna, and Section 102 MTB Loop. The trails are a bit confusing along the lower section but staying on the Lower 19 Mile Creek Trail (sometime called the 19 Mile Creek East Trail) will take you to the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail, and once at the Upper trail, this trail goes straight to Iceberg Lake. There was under a foot of snow at the lake, and I don’t recommend showshoes yet as the rocks/boulders are still pretty exposed and easy to lose your footing on. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until September. Watch Queue Queue Trail was clearly marked, just need to make sure to take the right turnoffs near the beginning. With a roundtrip of 17km, The Iceberg Lake trail is not to be taken lightly. Black Tusk. We saw less than 8 people altogether. Also wear waterproof pants or have waterproof shoes as you will have many sections with water. Return to the trail and continue following it uphill. Take your time through the meadows as you admire the views from different angles before leaving the alpine and following the trail back into the forest. Go left and follow the wider trail through a flat section, giving you a bit of a reprieve from the steep climb. As described, this hike can be quite confusing as there are many intersecting trails and forks. I highly recommend microspikes and poles as its pretty icy, but there isn’t too much snow yet. Iceberg Lake: Our Whistler Alpine Activities Video Inspiration. Reservations 1 888 755 6482 | Skywalk trail system from Whister.com We parked at the end of Alpine Way in Whistler (make sure you read the parking signs for restrictions) and started our hike from here.

It’s also possible to to parts of this hike separately such as Iceberg Lake. Didn’t finish the hike to go to the lake as I thought it was 14km but it was 19km and didn’t plan accordingly and had no time!! Iceberg Lake. Iceberg Lake is a popular day-hike in Whistler. The only negative to this hike was the limited parking at the trailhead. Terrific hike and flowers were out yesterday. This section would not be doable without snowshoes if you’re the first ones out after new snow. Iceberg Lake is a beautiful turquoise glacier lake with a few icebergs floating in it. This trail is a different route that goes north to an area just Northwest of Screaming Cat Lake, where the east end of the Skywalk North Trail begins. Go left and then make a right onto the Lower 19 Mile Creek Trail as you continue to follow the signs. iwona_kellie / Flickr cc by 2.0. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until September.

Great for the entry level stuff. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. The view is amazing before descending to the screaming cat lake and continuing towards iceberg lake. This video is unavailable. How To Get To Iceberg Lake & The Skywalk Trail Whistler Skywalk is a fantastic new high-alpine trail on Rainbow mountain in Whistler, BC. From here you can head back or follow the trail north to Screaming Cat Lake and then loop back around. BRING BEAR SPRAY!! At a 3-way stop sign, turn left onto Mountain View Drive and follow this street uphill, going straight through a 4-way intersection, and veering right until you reach the end of the street. Outhouses are located at the start of the trail and just before the junction with the Skywalk South Trail. We arrived around 8:45am with a couple parking spots left - limited parking. The trail’s most popular attraction is Iceberg Lake and the surrounding meadows that are ablaze with flowers July – September. Iceberg Lake via 19 Mile Creek Trail is a 13.7 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. WOW. There are no outhouses located at Iceberg Lake. There is a waterfall somewhere about mid-way that has rocks and places to sit for a nice rest. Tranquil Alpine Lake with Rainbow Mountain Backdrop - Duration: … We’re in our late 50s / early 60s so are pretty proud of ourselves for completing this hike. Was impossible to reach the lake due to the amount of snow. After talking to a few other hikers, we learnt about an alternative starting route (forget the name), it’s worth looking into to avoid the chances of a fine. A spectacular fall hike in Whistler. opt-in to receive email updates, news and information from Dogs are not allowed on the trail to Iceberg Lake. We used snowshoes from the outhouse up to the lake and forged a trail that others behind us (no snowshoes) followed. Just before the ferry terminal, merge onto Highway #99: The Sea To Sky Highway and head north towards Squamish and Whistler. Questions or comments can Vancouver Trails about local hiking information, events, deals on Outfitted with boots, crampons and an ice axe you will learn how to walk using glacier equipment, learn about the formation of the Coast Mountain’s glaciers and have a chance to play on the ice … Beautiful hike! Go left at this junction, cross a bridge over 19 Mile Creek a short distance further, and continue following the Upper 19 Mile Creek route. It was muddy, and closer towards the end, there was snow... would recommend crampons/ micro spikes. Thought this was going to be harder than it was to be honest! Once it flattens out, you walk through a beautiful forest. Groggy and tired we crawled back … TRAGIC FALL Iceberg Lake near Whistler, where a 27-year-old hiker was found dead on Sept. 17. We drove up to the end of Mountain View Drive and park at the cul de sac. Posts about Iceberg Lake Whistler written by carolinehelbig. “From old-growth forest and waterfalls, to wide open meadows and mighty glaciers, the Iceberg Lake trail has something for everyone”, says Outlets … Iceberg Lake Descent To descend there are two initial options, both start by going right over shelf the lake sits on, down towards the alpine meadow below. After we soaked our tired feet, and just as we were about to leave, a young man ran towards us asking if we had a cell phone, as he needed to call 911. Iceberg Lake – The Skywalk Trail We did this as a day hike as there are no campgrounds up at the top & took a bus as far as we could from Whistler Village to Alpine Way before getting off to join the trail head. After about 70m, watch for a white trail marker sign on your right for the Upper 19 Mile Creek Trail. The information provided herein is further subject to our Terms of Use. Please exercise caution. The trail then ascends a boulder field to Iceberg Lake next to Rainbow Mountain offering unprecedented views of the region. The body of a missing hiker has been found near Whistler but weather is making the recovery operation difficult. Whistler Skywalk to Iceberg Lake September 6, 2015 . Note: we didn’t end up getting a ticket for parking at Mountain View Drive, but I wouldn’t recommend parking here and risking it. The trail then ascends a boulder field to Iceberg Lake next to Rainbow Mountain offering unprecedented views of the region. The two young men stayed with the injured fellow and checked in with us after he was safely picked up by the helicopter, about 90 minutes later. Views were absolutely stunning! Trail was very well marked and easy to follow even in the snow. Trails also connect to the Sproatt trails including destinations such as Hanging Lake, Madeley Lake … October 30, 2019.

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