High Quality Silicones I know this has improved the past years but maybe it’s wise to check reviews before choosing. Best Overall: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets. Treatment with ScarAway for post-surgical scars may typically begin 1-2 weeks after stitches are removed or when cleared by a physician or surgeon for use. Unlike silicone sheets, which can only be used on relatively flat surfaces, Pro-Sil can be applied to scars on any part of your body, including facial scars (just make sure you apply to clean, dry skin). Hi Bella, they might but especially if your scars are elevated as well. Scaraway is unbelievable!!! Keep reading to see my incredible before/after photos! It was honestly the most effective therapy that I’ve tried for my chest keloids and hypertrophic scars, and it’s reasonably affordable (and I’ve tried everything from Mederma, Bio-Oil, Palmer’s, Vaseline, creams, pressure therapy, Chinese traditional medicine, etc., you get the picture 🤔). I was incredibly disappointed to find out how flimsy these are, you basically can’t wear them on any body part that’s going to get a lot of movement, mine kept balling up and getting stuck to each side or would just fall off after a few hours, such a waste. Apart from that they are more comfortable. Since it is a flat scar and these don’t help to elevate. I found Mepitac Silicon Scar Tape to be the best all around, it sticks very well, can also use the same tape for up to a week and it can be cut to various sizes. Thank you. 👍. I would like to point out that, since your daughter’s scar is on her cheek, adhesiveness is important. ScarAway Silicone Gel is formulated with a patented, self-drying and transparent silicone gel technology designed to improve the appearance of scars and prevent excessive scar formation. These are thought to embed dirt in them whereas thinner ones are easier to clean. Specially-formulated with the active ingredient Kelo-cote, It’s a brand that I’ve used many times in the past for my own scars and is one of the best silicone sheets for keloids and hypertrophic scars. Hey.. Best for Breast Reduction (Anchor Pattern): Epi-Derm Mastopexy Silicone Scar Sheets, 9. But the sheets do a better job of keeping the scar covered, … As for which kind of treatment I found helpful to minimize the scar tissue, I started with Maderma cream, and tried Derma e Scar Gel (mostly botanical extracts). i have to buy as many as i will think i need. I am seeing the redness and thickening diminish, I got compliments from my radiation nurses about how nicely I healed, They support the new scars and continue to aid in healing, how good my scar looked compared to how recently I had surgery, The 10 Best Scar Gels (With Before/After Pics), ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets for C-Section, Embrace Active Scar Defense for Tummy Tuck Scars, a genetic sequence that promotes collagen overproduction which makes it more likely for hypertrophic scars and keloids to develop, manipulating user ratings, creating fraudulent reviews, or encouraging positive reviews, this product helps minimize scar formation and improve the appearance of scars, customer reviews of Mepiform have been very positive, this product has received very positive reviews and also blends in with your skin color, this product has received very positive reviews as well, 6% of ratings were 1-, 2-, or 3-stars ⭐, ⭐⭐, ⭐⭐⭐, “I’m not sure how I’ve gone through my entire life without knowing that these were a thing. As you can see here, the Scaraway before and after photos are consistent with the results you will commonly see when using silicone for scars. If you search for “silicone sheets” on Amazon.com, you’ll no doubt come across this popular brand of silicone products: Aroamas. Occlusion and Hydration Examined. This will show you only the reviews from people who actually bought the Tummy Tuck kit. Will this help? Sometimes it did hurt but mostly it just was a very unpleasant feeling. The long ones so I could use one patch for the whole scar. Mederma's results are also very good and show the power of the onion extract. 4 out of 5 stars with 298 reviews. The predominant negative user reviews I read on Amazon don’t seem to match with this conclusion. (A lack of adhesiveness is one of the common complaints about silicones for scars.) There is one way that’s slightly complicated: go to “see all customer reviews”, “see all reviews from the United States”, then under the “Filter By” boxes, click on “All Formats”, and select “Show only reviews for ….”. (source: VeryWellHealth). Embrace Scar Therapy is another well-known brand of silicone sheets. Thanx for all the great responses in to our questions. Wash, let dry for a day while you use a new piece (or a previously washed and dried piece). The Scar Away Silicone Scar Strips received a 61 percent satisfaction rate (4- to 5-star ratings), while the Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips received a 70 percent approval rating. Your email address will not be published. To make the most of every silicone sheet, I recommend washing it after each use and using your thumbs to massage and stretch out the product. It has good reviews and is an affordable price for a generous length (1.57″ by 59.0″). Overall, this product has received very positive reviews as well: My Verdict: The Epi-Derm Areopexy Silicone Strips are an amazing product to improve your post-op healing process following breast reduction or breast lift surgery using the Lollipop Pattern. 👨‍⚕️. Amazon also has a smaller sized, more affordable package ScarAway Scar Repair Gel for about 16 bucks. More in a bit. Finally, here’s one positive review and one negative review for Aroamas: My Verdict: Aroamas is a bestseller with 3,000+ ratings and a whopping 85% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings. ScarAway is suitable for all types of scars, including small-to-medium scars from surgery, injury, trauma, burns, keloids, and acne. The company claims that use of the sheeting will “effectively shrink, flatten and fade hypertrophic (raised) and keloid scars” – whether they are newly-formed scars or old. A large silicone bandage is also less likely to fall off or stick onto clothing since it attaches to more surface area on your skin. Good luck to you too. Will this product work now for her? This product is awesome. So, I’ve been just keeping on a gauze pad on WITHOUT any tape. 🎾. Best Runner-Up: Aroamas Advanced Silicone Scar Sheets, 3. Some scars, particularly in the sternum, shoulder, shinbone (tibia), jawbone, and earlobe heal slower. Jennie. As I had been wearing a large bandaide to cover the scar for over a week (although I changed to new one after every shower daily), my skin where had adhesive on was getting rushy very sensitive to apply any more bandaide… Finally, here are the product specifications for ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets: My Verdict: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets is my #1 pick for an effective and affordable solution for your hypertrophic scars and keloids, especially when combined with a professional treatment like corticosteroid injections (which I highly recommend!). Silon technology was previously exclusively available to major hospitals, burn centers, and the US Military. This will help you make the most out of each silicone sheet (and save money in the long run!). Now you know the efficiency of silicon sheet on different types of the scar, but do you know how effective the scaraway… The strips should not be too thick. I think just by massaging and using a cheap moisturizer such as Vaseline your scar may improve too. 👍. Partly from being stubborn and mostly because I found it very hard to cope with my new markings I started doing research. For breast reduction or breast lifts using the Lollipop Pattern (a.k.a. About Us. Mostly I was told that you can’t do anything when it comes to improving the cosmetic appearance of scars. In most cases, if used daily, ScarMD ® Silicone Scar Gel will minimize the pain, itchiness and discomfort associated with your scar after a few days. My horrible results are white patchy scars resembling alot like Vitiligo any sucess or recommendation on if scar away will work or help for me or if there is a better product I should be using one that is more for my need? Which obviously also affects my circulation. Here’s What Studies Say About Silicone vs Mederma, 7 Home Scar Removal Remedies – Proven Effective Remedies To Fade Your Scar, How Do Silicones for Scars Work? I find that doing so helps the silicone sheet retain its adhesion properties much longer. Thank you. In addition, these silicone strips are comfortable to wear with ultra-thin & breathable fabric and can be gently removed without pulling or tugging on your sensitive skin. Hypertrophic and keloid scars are perfect candidates for silicone gel treatment and most patients with these scar … It is 2x the amount of the size you can get in a store. its about the size of iphone 6s (sorry couldn’t think of anything else this size). I thought it was expensive at the time but now…. Here are the Mederma before and after photos. I undergone tubal ligation.mark really visible. Breathable Sheets When you apply it, you spread it very thin and it forms an invisible “sheet” over the scar. Check out this page for a list with silicone scar sheet brands. Anyways, here’s the product specifications for Embrace Active Scar Defense for Tummy Tuck Scars: Now, it’s really important that you follow the instructions carefully and apply the silicone sheet to a clean skin surface with no oils, creams, or ointments (watch the Embrace video here). 😮. You can get their gel at amazon too. I didn’t know until now hat it ruined my day yesterday, I put one on this morning and it immediately started hurting, so I took it off and the pain stopped. “This was recommended by a friend and also a couple of plastic surgeon friends I had a couple biopsies for skin cancer and I’ve been wearing this for about 4 months to reduce the color of the scar. I hadn’t thought of that when I used mine. I’ve had this scar for almost 20 years so I assumed it would take months to see any progress at all –, “I was really excited to try these as I heard that silicone sheets are best to use on scars after breast augmentation. My scar looks ugly and bulky .what do you recommend for me ? For the last 30 years, silicone gel has been considered the gold standard in treating post-surgical and post-traumatic scars. 😍, Summary: ScarAway has created a special silicone scar sheet for new Moms with C-section scars.Best For: C-Section Scars 👶Key Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon, For new Moms with C-section scars, ScarAway has designed a special silicone sheet just for you. You could use sheets and wear them at night and while at home. Well, I haven’t personally used Aroamas products before, but I did notice a couple of red flags while browsing their Amazon product page and doing research on this company. For breast reduction or breast lift, also known as mastopexy, these “anchor” shaped silicone strips by Epi-Derm are designed to help improve post-op recovery and minimize scars. Washing the sheets can help too. i cant decide between mederma or the sheets. The uniquely blended formula gently and effectively binds and mends the skin. According to a study titled “Silicone Gel Products and Scar Integrity” Curad sheets were the cheapest and most effective sheets when compared with Band-Aid and Cica Care sheets. Silicone gel sheeting seems to be the exception. Real people, real results. The 20g size online is a great deal. Now, you might be asking yourself at this point, “Is ScarAway suitable for my scar?”, As long as your scar is “closed”, meaning your skin is not severely damaged or oozing out fluids, you should be able to use ScarAway to minimize post-surgery or post-injury scar formation and help flatten existing scars. No worries, your intact skin will not be harmed. I can hardly see a scar now, two months later. Eventually I got a recommendation from a surgical nurse for ScarAway, and she said her own son had used it with excellent results. “The Embrace strip never lasted more than 3 days before beginning to lift. There’s not much tissue there. in general, he said the ideal sheet would be sticky enough to help you position it on the scar, and use a medical tape..cotton or silk, to secure further if necessary…but stickier does not equate to more effective.”. According to Embrace Scar Therapy, the company’s silicone sheets incorporate: However, if you check out any of Embrace’s silicone sheets on Amazon, you’ll notice that the reviews have been overwhelming negative with 57% of ratings in the 1-, 2-, or 3-star buckets. There are differences in the quality of silicones used in the products. They will (probably) not work on indented scars. “I had a breast reduction 6 weeks ago. “I have a big knee scar on my right leg from recent ACL reconstruction surgery. I have an unsightly scar from hip replacement 8 months ago. After wearing them for months my scars had improved a lot. Ocassionaly people find that silicones don’t work for them but most of the time I hear positive stories. It is called Scaraway scar repair gel. Prevents & Treats Old and New Scars (8 Count) ... (2 Silicone Scar Sheets and 1 Gel) Think about it: since this company is a “middle man” between the manufacturer and the consumer (although they do run their own marketing and advertising), they have almost no control over the actual manufacturing quality and are incentivized to use the lowest cost manufacturer to maintain a profit margin (and cover expenses like listing on Amazon, advertising, shipping, etc.). Using silk tape (or another type of tape ) can help. First of all it should be mentioned that not all brands make use of the same type of silicones. The problem, though, is that the Tummy Tuck product is “lumped in” with other Embrace products like the Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large silicone sheets (many Amazon sellers do this to make it seem like they have a large number of reviews). They are discolored (white, just a little bit) The sheets make the scar more white? ScarAway – with doctor-recommended advanced silicone technology — works on newly healed wounds and on visible older scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloids. As I noticed my stitches poking out like Porcupine and it didn’t look like it was going to dissolve, so I asked her about it. I was a little skeptical at first but after using the patch and gel on a quite recent, ugly burn scar, I was truly impressed. 😊, Summary: These silicone strips are designed for mastopexy scars with an “anchor” pattern. ScarMD ® Silicone Scar Gel rapidly dries to form a custom fitted silicone sheet sheet; this silicone gel sheet layer is gas permeable, flexible and waterproof. Hope this helps. I’ve got nothing against Aroamas but I find the rating distribution very questionable and I’m almost certain there’s been some degree of rating manipulation involved here. 💪. before and after silicone scar sheets. Hello, I recently (11 days ago to be precise) had a general surgery to remove about 3cm size Cyst from right next to my tailbone area. A customer says ScarAway liquid silicone is way more effective than the gel: ” I used the ScarAway liquid silicone pens in the past and had much better results.” Another dissatisfied customer shares: “I had surgery (ovarian cyst removal) on 12/30/2014. No matter how dry my skin was. Make sure to choose the right size for your scar. 91. Mepiform is a brand of medical grade silicone sheets by Mölnlycke (based in Sweden). Cica Care or ScarAway? In this case, I find the rating distribution of Aroamas very questionable: But consider the fact that ScarAway and Mederma (two of the most popular scar products) managed to get only 50-65% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ with a much higher percentage of negative reviews (~20-30% in the 1-, 2-, or 3-star buckets) compared to Aroamas (only 6% in the same buckets): In other words, if we take the rating distribution at face value, it means Aroamas is a vastly superior product to ScarAway and Mederma with 85% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ compared to 53% and 65%, respectively. I used ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets during and after my treatment to maintain these results and help prevent the recurrence of any hypertrophic scars or keloids. Workouts, even showers, I noticed how easily the silicone comes off the edges and the corners, using your thumbs to massage and stretch out the product, I’m no longer in discomfort and the scaring has improved tremendously, I took a shower and noticed the corner coming undone, we don’t know the rating for the Tummy Tuck version on its own, 9 full-length silicone strips and applicators, maybe if I alter how I’m using them and prep my skin more aggressively they’ll stay on longer, Lightened the actual scar & flattened out the incision very nicely, They just didn’t stick long and I even avoided lotion and oils during use, can already see that the scar is less puffy and it’s looking a healthier pink color, rather than dark purple, These are not the same as the ones I was getting from Walgreens, less likely to fall off or stick onto clothing. Please let me know if appearance would make a difference. In my opinion this is another benefit of wearing the sheets. All these years later I decided to inquire about removal and was quoted $1,400 for several laser treatments. With continuous 24 hour coverage, this product helps minimize scar formation and improve the appearance of scars from knee surgery, general surgery, major wounds, and car accidents. But I can imagine that will be cumbersome since you will probably have to use tape to keep it attached, even if you use Alexandra’s method of rotating strips each day, so the more convenient option would be gel. This generous-sized silicone tape measures 1.57″ by 59.0″ and consists of 30 individual 2.0″ pieces that can be easily torn off without scissors. After. Before. List of Silicone Scar Products (Sheets and Gels). Newmedical Technology, Inc. is FDA Registered and ISO 13485 Certified.. All products are made in the U.S.A. Can scaraway be used on the tip of the nose after moh’s surgery? No thank you. I do know of someone who told me he thought that a really sticky silicone sheeting brand did lift his indented scar somewhat up. Anyone else experience this??? Do you know anything about these. Apart from a high quality silicone gel formula these sheets (and their backings) should also allow oxygen to pass through. I don’t know. the shipping and customs here is insane so my only hope is her bringing me stuff. Of course, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. I was shocked at how large and how many Mepiform sheets were in the container. A large number of clinical data supports the claim that medical silicone gel is considered the first line of treatment for most scar management cases. Treatment with ReJuveness Hyper-Heal Cream and silicone results in a near scar-less appearance. Several articles reviewing 30 years of research suggest that it can speed healing and lead to thinner, softer, less red and less painful scars, depending on the study. I’ve been searching any tape for Sensitive skin… I’ve already tried Paper-tape, which didn’t work… Good luck, I hope this helps! When I bend my head on my chest its the part just below my chin touching my chest. The small version (4.25 g) is enough to last about 30 days on a 3-4″ sized scar. I asked a gauze to cover it which will protect from the underwear rubbing. It’s now been over a year, and I have to say that the first incision appears smaller, flat, and only very slightly discolored, while the second incision continues to be dark pink, raised, and the same size. It’s an ugly looking bump in the middle of my chest. Summary: Mepiform by Mölnlycke is a medical silicone dressing used to cover larger scars.Best For: Large Scars, including Knee Surgery, General Surgery, Major Wounds, and Car AccidentsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. There are several silicone sheet brands such as Rejuveness, Mepiform, ScarFX, Dr.Blaine, Cica Care, and ScarAway. The company was founded by a group of plastic surgeons at Stanford University and has made partnerships with celebrities like tennis legend Serena Williams to advertise their products. After reading some of these reviews, it seems most people complained about the product not adhering to their skin, leaving behind blisters or causing skin irritation, and the high price. With over 3,000+ reviews and a whopping 4.7 out of 5.0, it must be pretty good, right? It bonds nicely to skin and is invisible. The postage to the uk is quite a lot. “I was drawn to this product because others said it stayed on better. I have scar away strip on my throat for my spine surgery scar. As an Amazon affiliate I earn on qualifying purchases. Today, I just use a silicone gel to maintain my results and flatten any new scars that happen to pop up (unfortunately, like many people, I am prone to developing keloids 😐; it’s likely due to a genetic sequence that promotes collagen overproduction which makes it more likely for hypertrophic scars and keloids to develop). 🤗. But then again, I haven’t had a scar on my upper lip so it’s just my two cents. Does it works on indented discolored scars?? (a report of this study (Powerpoint presentation) can be found by searching Google for the title)Scar Fx and Rejuveness both offer pre-shaped strips. Another benefit of wearing (ScarAway) silicone sheets had to do with the most problematic scar of mine. Later on when the scar was improving this part stayed thicker and more red. About a year later I noticed the scar had healed pretty well and was nice flat and the color was better, more skin like. ( I don’t know which brand you are considering) Hope this helps. Before I knew it, the skin seemed to spread open a bit, eventually leaving me with a raised, dark pink-ish colored scar that is wider than the original incision. The strips are thick, sticky and wide. If you need a silicone tape for scars, I highly recommend CicaTape by CicaSolution. I considered a steroid injection but eventually decided not to. I have both on the knees caused by warts removal when i was still a kid. 24 hours a day) which will aid the end result. If it is too sticky, there is the potential to further damage the new skin, or even open a delicate healing area. Watch Queue Queue. After. I have been using my NewGel for 3 months after my surgery and have noticed an enormous difference! It started out with in grown hairs on my arms that were painful and only relief i could get was to free the ingrown hairs. “ScarAway starts by softening your scar tissue. You have turned a bad thing that hppened to you around by using it to help other people. Finally, here’s two positive reviews and one negative review for Embrace Scar Therapy: My Verdict: If you have tummy tuck scars or are planning to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, the Embrace Active Scar Defense can help minimize scar formation and reduce scar appearance after your surgery. 👍. OTC silicone patches like ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets ($22, walgreens.com) can help flatten the scar "by applying pressure to the area and infusing it with hydration," says Dr. Schultz. And because of that you may end up using the gel more religiously (i.e. Some users of ScarAway silicone scar strips do in fact report that ScarAway strips do work for acne scars however this is a misunderstood … Did you receive an answer about scar away after mohs surgery? I recently had a tt and have a large scar, would using the gel and strips on top increase healing time? Some brands offer pads instead of the thinner sheets. I git very conscious about it when i was growing up, i could’nt even wear shorts or mini skirts because i was too embarassed to show it. It formed a buffer between the sensitive scar and the things frustrating it. So here’s my facial hypertrophic scars in May 2015: And now, here’s my scars after many years of scar treatment, including corticosteroid injections (around 6-8 shots with 1-3 months in between), dozens of scar products including Mederma, Bio-Oil, ScarAway, NewGel+, Kelo-Cote, (you name it and I’ve tried it), plus changes to my lifestyle: As you can see, my facial hypertrophic scars (some were also keloids) have diminished significantly in the last 5 years, thanks to both corticosteroid injections and silicone scar sheets/gels. I have a keloid scar on my shoulder that randomly appeared for seemingly no reason when I was a kid. “I bought these to place on my mastectomy/breast reconstruction scars. These days, I’ve been testing different brands of silicone gels (ScarAway, NewGel+, Kelo-Cote, Strataderm) but might go back to the sheets if I decide to get another round of corticosteroid injections. A common method to keep tension at bay is by taping the wound/scar. ScarAway. I used dermatix, seems the results not good, because maybe I do stretching at the same time. And for about 10 months I had the worst pinching and tugging sensation, constantly itchy and inflamed pain. ScarAway. However after 2 months, it has dry blood in the cut. Here’s some photos that show the progression of my chest keloids as well, from 2015 to 2020: From 2016-2018, I received corticosteroid injections from my dermatologist for my chest keloids (which was very painful). Something just isn’t right here. Over time, with the ideal healing environment created with consistent daily use of ScarAway, your scar will begin to remodel… it will physically change… becoming flatter, smoother, and closer to the texture and color of your surrounding healthy skin. Best Overall: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets, 2. Overall, this product has received very positive reviews and also blends in with your skin color: My Verdict: The Epi-Derm Mastopexy Silicone Strips are a fantastic product for improving your recovery process following breast reduction or breast lift surgery using the Anchor Pattern. think i should just go for silicone sheets and cut to size. Best for Long Scars: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets Long, 7. I was told to wear it for 12 months, and this is definitely enough to last a year. (Actually I forgot about my appointment, unconsciously being aware of the risk I guess). ScarAway. 🤗Best For: Small-to-Medium Scars, including Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids, Acne Scars, and those from Surgery, Injury, or BurnsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. Thnks, Am I able to use an ice pack on top of the scar away strip to help with the swelling of my ankle surgery. This is important because if the strip isn’t breathable it might cause skin maceration. It is 2x the amount of the size you can get in a store. I’d make sure to keep it protected from too much sunshine. I had a mole removed from my upper lip a few years ago and now have a raised scar. 🤗. In other words, we don’t know the rating for the Tummy Tuck version on its own. beas says: January 14, 2015 at 12:55 pm Amazon also has a smaller sized, more affordable package ScarAway Scar Repair Gel for about 16 bucks. $18.19. Since I also had GYN related surgery at the same time, I had an appointment with my GYN doctor for Postop visit 3 days ago (8 days after the double surgery). As I mentioned in the previous section, you might want to consider ScarAway Long as a cheaper version of Embrace Active Scar Defense for Tummy Tuck Scars. 1. before and after silicone sheets As you can see on the photo to the right scars will not get much smaller once they have a certain width. My daughter had a lesion removed fr om her cheek just three weeks ago. The technical name for this is hypertrophic. the sun is super strong here so i also have to worry about sun protection and i just moved to bali so my friend is gonna have to bring me whatever i decide to have her buy me back in the states when she visits me in 10 days. Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets 1.5″ x 3″ 8-Count, Mederma Acne Scar Before And After – Cystic Acne Causes, Dermaroller Acne Scars Before and After Pictures, Natural and Medical Treatment Options for White Scars, Mederma or Silicone Scar Sheets? Best for Travel Usage & Sensitive Areas: Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Treatment Stick, Up Next:The Best Scar Gels(With Before/After Pics), most affordable silicone sheets on the market, it’s been a week and there’s already a noticeable difference, I feel like they didn’t stick well enough and would get linty, Stays on through everything. I want to know how many days I can wear a single silicone gel sheet. So I did some research of my own and found out about these silicone strips. 🤔. This video is unavailable. I thought maybe I didn’t allow it to sit dry on its own long enough, so I tried another one and allowed it to be on dry skin for about 12 hours. Hi guyz, i also have the same problem with hyperthrophic scars. Silon technology, is a specially formulated silicone, that mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin. Watch Queue Queue It seems this is a very delicate and vulnerable part of the skin on the chest. Similar to the “anchor” ones, these “lollipop” shaped silicone strips are designed to improve your post-op healing process and reduce scar appearance following breast reduction surgery. It works best used over a silicon gel such as ScarAway, Dermatrix, Arnica Gel or even a 100% silicon gel which is what I use.
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